The Perks and un-Perks of moving back home

As you all know, I have moved back home a few days ago to help my mom take care of my dad who has just suffered a stroke. Moving in with my parents is no big deal for me, but many of my friends feel like it’s something to be ashamed of. I know, for a lot of people, moving back home means

1.) You’ve lost your job and/or

2.) You failed to make it big somewhere and you have no other option but to go back home.

People (especially nosy neighbors and relatives) will think you’re a failure and this is probably one of the reasons why most people dread moving back home. But, in my case, I couldn’t care less.

There are Perks and un-Perks to moving back in with my parents. Let’s talk about the perks first. Obviously, the first on the list would be having everything for free! Yup, I don’t have to pay rent nor have to pay for my laundry. I get free meals and free access to internet! Yey! Next would be the comfort of eating home-cooked meals. Nothing tastes better than home-cooked meals. I lived off microwave meals and instant noodles when I was living alone, so being able to eat real food at home is quite satisfying. I wouldn’t mind gaining a few pounds with my mum’s cooking—they’re simply the best.

Another perk to moving back in with my parents is I could spend more time with them. I haven’t been home a lot in 8 years so my mum treats me like I’m 8 years old again. She keeps asking whether I’ve eaten or not. She keeps telling me to sleep early. She fusses over me not eating breakfast and so on. You get the picture, right? It can be annoying at times but it’s all cool. I like having someone who worries over me a lot.

Since I take care of dad when mum’s not around, I get to spend time with my old man a lot. My dad has trouble talking so we found a way to get around this problem by making him write out the words on my iPad. Sometimes he just tells me to get things for him, and sometimes he asks a lot of questions like

“Are you seeing someone?”

“When are you getting married?”

These questions make me feel all awkward around my dad because it simply means he expects me to get married sooner.

Although living at home as its perks, there’s also what I call un-perks. The first would have to be having to completely surrender your privacy. I always have to tell my mum where I’m heading out, who I’m going out with, what time I’m going home, who I’m talking to on the phone and so on and on. Bummer, I feel like pre-pubescent again. Note for those who are planning to move back in with their parents: don’t expect to have any privacy at all.

Another un-perk would be telling your friends you’re living with your parents. I earlier how people tend to think lowly of you when they find out you’re living with your parents. I used to feel really bad when people ask me where I’m living because I know they’d raise their eyebrows and think “What a loser”. If you’re trying to date someone and you end up telling them you live with your parents—trust me, the feeling of shame is 10x worse. I just literally sucks out your pride. Thankfully, I’ve gotten over that feeling already.

Despite the un-perks of moving back in with mum and dad, I am genuinely happy to live with them again after how many years. I, for one, know that if ever things go bad, there’s always a place where I am welcome with open arms. My mum and dad won’t turn me away no matter what.

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Moving Back at Home Means Living Healthy

Hey guys! I’ve moved back home with my parents this weekend. Dad suffered a stroke (but he’s fine now) and I decided to help mum take care of him. Dad will need a lot of looking after and since I have flexible work hours (the perks of being an online worker) so I told mum I’ll be staying with them till dad gets better.

Moving back home with my parents feels weird. I’ve been away from home since I was 18 so, moving back home feels strange; it’s as if I’m in an unknown territory. Sure, my room still looks the same, save for a few changes like the wallpaper. However, nothing feels the same anymore; it doesn’t feel like it’s my room. It feels foreign.

Anyway, I’m back here to look after dad. Dad suffering a stroke came as a surprise to us. He didn’t seem like a person who’d suffer stroke easily. Dad ate a lot, I give you that, but he also exercised; he lifted weights. That’s why my sister and I were surprised when we heard he suffered a stroke. Just shows that you really can’t trust appearances; anyone can look healthy yet actually suffer from a serious condition deep inside.

On a serious note, dad’s stroke made me reconsider my health. I’m not the most health-conscious person around, although I do try to avoid junk food/fast food as much as possible. But, these days, I find myself thinking twice about certain types of food. For instance, before drinking a fizzy, I start thinking “Is this healthy?” or “How much sugar does this have?” Everyone knows how much I love candies chips but I’ve started cutting back on them too. I know, I sound like a woman on a diet. LOL

Besides being more conscious on the food I eat, I also started doing research on the possible causes of stroke. I found out that the chances of a person suffering from a stroke increases if he/she has a family member or relative who’s had stroke too. Yikes! That makes me a likely candidate! More reasons to start living healthy.

My mum and I have been doing a lot of research on caring for patients who have suffered stroke. Also, we’ve started imposing a “healthy eating” rule at home. No junk or unhealthy food allowed at home anymore. Plus, we debated whether we ought to hire a physical therapist for dad or we do it (the therapy) ourselves. We could take turns with providing therapy for dad but we have not come to a definite conclusion yet. I reckon my mum would rather she do the therapy herself, because hiring a Physical therapist can be quite costly. What do you guys think is a better option? Any advice would be very much welcome.

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bbq with my dad

one of the things i always do with my dad is bring out the grill on the weekends. it’s a tradition of sorts.


there’s nothing better than throwing our homemade brisket into our best grill smoker, and just letting it sit there until the meat is like cotton candy. you really get that rich smoky flavor (oddly enough, i learned how to use the smoker from a website called rich smoky flavor). the electric smoker is probably the main key to making the brisket taste good.

i’m eating some right now as we speak. it doesn’t get much better than this.

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my blog

hi everyone. just found out this domain used to be owned by one of my favorite places to visit! the earth and sky stargazing tour. i’ll just be jotting down my personal stuff here.

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